Start Over Again To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Want You Back

Published: 31st May 2011
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To get your ex-boyfriend to want you back, you are going to have to be just a little bit cunning and more than a little patient. Often when we get things wrong in dating and relationships, we find that our guy starts to avoid us and it all begins to go wrong from there. But men are forgiving creatures and it is generally possible to get back in their good books if you do it the right way. So think about starting over if you want to get your ex-boyfriend to want you back.

When you are trying to get your guy back, the main object is to reverse the effects of what split you up in the first place and reawaken his attraction for you. If you have been acting needy or clingy then it's time to stop immediately. If you let him know that your happiness depends upon him, he will feel far too much pressure. Let him go temporarily while you plan your comeback. If you keep out of his way and don't get in touch with him for a while, he will begin to wonder what is going on and you will have made a start in getting him thinking about you. If you have been quite close up until recently then he will probably even start to miss you. You must give him a chance to miss you if you want to get him to want you back.

Now consider your reasons for wanting him back. Is it because you genuinely think that he is the one for you or are you just lonely on your own? Sometimes it is easier just to start again with someone else and to try to get it right this time - there is plenty of advice out there on how to succeed at dating and relationships. So, take a good hard honest look at yourself and why you split up. Decide whether you should just let him go or whether you really want to get him back.

If you decide you still want him, you must have the patience to go the distance and you mustn't repeat previous mistakes. It's time to start over from the beginning to get your ex-boyfriend to want you back. But you have an advantage because you know what he likes and, in particular, what he liked about you.

Now that you have backed off from him, you will have some spare time, so use this to rebuild yourself and your self-confidence. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, for example, sign up for a course, lose weight, get a makeover or have your hair or nails done. Emphasize your good points and, in particular, the things that he liked the most about you. Determine to give him small glimpses and reminders of those things.

Get the word out that you are back and having a great time. When he sees that you are no longer dependent on him it will take the pressure off and he will no longer feel the need to avoid you. Often a man will feel quite flattered that you absolutely adore him but he doesn't like to feel pressured into something he's not ready for. You will soon get him wondering what is going on if you show that you have moved on.

When you give him just a taste of what he loved about you, with no pressure, he will start to remember your good points and miss you. When he thinks that you have moved on and are having a great life, he will begin to wonder if he made a mistake. When you show him you still have what he loved about you, you can reawaken his attraction. And if he's not quite sure that you're still interested, he will be intrigued and you can reawaken his curiosity. Of course, you will have to use some cunning to do this and remember to ensure that you take it at a slow pace. Basically you are going to start the dating process over again from the beginning to get your ex-boyfriend to want you back.

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