Succeed at Dating When You Rev Up His Desire and Get Him Feeling It For You

Published: 25th June 2012
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Have you noticed that guys don't seem to be that much into relationships? They seem happier dating and are wary of anything that ties them down. If this is your experience of men and you feel you are struggling to succeed at dating, you may be interested to know that you can only attract a man into a relationship when he is feeling it for you. What exactly is "it"? Well it is a combination of positive emotions that make him feel good about you and your relationship to the point where he wants more. Want to know how to arouse these emotions in him? Read on to find out how to rev up his desire and get him feeling it for you.

Whatever your experience, most men actually do not have a problem with relationships. But they are extremely wary of being trapped into something permanent that doesn't feel right. Man is, by nature, a hunter - that is part of being masculine. When he's feeling attraction for you, he will normally be pursuing you. Your job is to show enough interest to keep him thinking he's in with a chance, while still presenting enough of a challenge that he doesn't quite think he's got you in under his spell. That will arouse his curiosity and his desire and make him want more of you. But don't give in too quickly or easily if you want it to last. Get this wrong and you will get dating wrong. If he doesn't think you're interested at all, he probably won't bother. If the chase is over too quickly, the attraction will die with it. It's no wonder dating is so difficult.

It's important to have fun and good times when you are together - only the good emotions that he has when he's with you will keep him coming back for more. But you must also give him space to miss you in between. It's important to have time apart. Men fall in love in the gap and if you over-saturate him with your attentions and don't give him his own space then he will feel suffocated and look for a way out. Hold back just a little bit if you want him to want you more.

It will help if you keep your own life busy and fulfilling, so that you are not available to him at the drop of a hat. This not only makes you a more interesting person in his eyes but it makes you more attractive in other ways too. It means that you don't moan that he's not giving you enough of his time. It means that you can't give into the temptation to spend all your time with him or to chase after him too much. When you say "no" to him, it elevates his desire to "capture" you and keeps him intrigued as to why, unlike most other women, you don't want to spend every waking moment with him.

So you are taking it slowly and keeping it fun and he is feeling good about you. He now has a lady that he's highly attracted to (you!) that is not pushing her own life to one side for him. You don't want to spend all your time with him because you are too busy with other interests. This gives him the space that he needs as a man to pursue the other activities in his life. The relationship feels non-threatening because he doesn't feel that you are trying to trap him into something he's not ready for. He therefore feels safe to give a bit more and he starts to fit in with you because he wants to see more of you.

To succeed at dating and find a strong, loving relationship, you need to understand what really makes a man feel good. There is a certain type of woman that a man is irresistibly attracted to. She knows how to captivate him and communicate with him to draw him close and get him to respond in the ways that she wants. You can learn to be the type of woman that men adore and never want to leave. You can also visit my website to sign up for my free dating success guide.

When you can follow this advice, you will keep the attraction levels high. When you don't give in to your instincts to smother him, that's when he will start feeling it for you. When a man feels free and easy in a relationship, he does not worry about avoiding commitment. He lets his guard down and enjoys his time with you. His desire for you stays high. Before he knows it, he doesn't want to live without you. That is how relationships happen and it is the secret to dating success.

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