When He Can't Or Won't Commit - Can You Get Past His Excuses?

Published: 20th December 2011
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Is your man holding back from giving you the commitment that you want? Maybe you have been dating for a while. Perhaps you want to get married or to live together. This is a huge issue with many women who have met a man that they want to be with but he doesn't seem keen to take that final step. If your man can't or won't commit, read on to find out what steps you can take to resolve the situation.

Whilst I believe that most men want to love and be loved, there is no doubt that some men are either afraid of commitment or unwilling to commit. The reasons for this fear and anxiety are varied but can have great importance in a man's mind. Are these just excuses or are most men so commitment phobic that you just don't stand a chance? I don't think so. But how do you get past his excuses and how can you tell if a man can't commit or if he won't commit?

If a man is immature then perhaps he can't commit. An immature man can rarely consider the wants and needs of others above his own and has no staying power in relationships. He may be happy to be with you whilst you are giving and demanding little in return but the relationship has few prospects for a long term future as, eventually, you are going to want him to give back. Some of the techniques I advise may have some temporary effect but you will probably end up exhausted if you stay with him.

Then there is the type of man who has his own reasons not to commit. He may fall into the immature category or he may not. Maybe he has been hurt in the past and is wary about running this risk again. Perhaps, however, he is mature enough to feel that he doesn't currently have the resources to provide stability in a relationship. Many men wish to get to a certain level in their life, wealth or career before they would feel good enough to provide for a woman.

For the majority of men, I suspect that many are not actively looking for a commitment, although there are of course exceptions. Commitment seems not to be as important to men generally as it is to women as they are well equipped to live alone. That is, however, until a special type of woman comes along; one who stands out from all the rest. If you know how to be that type of woman, then you can get past all his excuses and have your man chasing you for a commitment.

Whilst a man may have some fear of commitment and may not, in his own mind, be ready to commit, you can help him to get over this fear by ensuring that your relationship is in a positive place. If you're griping and moaning to him about his lack of commitment to you and everything else that is wrong in your relationship, then that is hardly likely to help make him commit. Men want a relationship that is fun and gives them good emotions and positive feelings.

Therefore, if he can't or won't commit, stop trying to persuade him with words as this doesn't work for a man. Make your relationship a positive experience for him. Increase your fun and enjoyment together to help him conquer his fear. Maximise the chemistry in your relationship to a level where he's no longer thinking about why he can't commit but why he can't wait to commit.

Do you need a plan of action to get a guy to commit? I can help! Get specific steps on what you can do if he can't or won't commit. Or get him to commit when you learn the secrets most women don't know about keeping a great man.

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