Why Won't Men Commit? Could You Be Making These Mistakes?

Published: 25th June 2012
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Many women wonder why men won't commit. If your relationships generally fall short of commitment, you may well start to question men and their motives in relationships. But the fact of the matter is that it is often a woman's attitude about herself and relationships that will make a man decide whether to fully commit or to keep one foot out of the door. Read on to learn the mistakes that might be stopping him from making a commitment to you and to find out what it takes to be the type of woman to whom a man just can't wait to commit.

Women who experience that men are not eager to commit often have ways of thinking and dealing with issues that lead to emotionally tense situations where a man feels uncomfortable. When you exhibit any of the following tendencies in relationships, then you may have problems getting your man to commit:

  • Not getting to know him properly before you start a relationship

  • Unable to communicate how you feel and what you want in a relationship

  • Unable to confront your man directly when you don't like his behaviour

  • Fear of losing him makes you tense and anxious

  • Allowing build up of your own tension and resentment

  • Following up with emotional outbursts of blame and accusation

  • Unable to cope with his withdrawal or uncertainty

  • Giving too much without receiving anything back

  • Criticising him because he is not meeting your needs

  • Trying to fix him or the relationship

  • Trying to convince him why he should want to be with you

When a woman makes these types of mistakes, a man senses that something is not quite right. Her neediness feels heavy and her company quickly stops being fun. Her emotions make him uncomfortable and he resists her trying to push him into a relationship that he's not sure about.

Did you recognise any of yourself in the list above? If so, it's not all bad news. These mistakes are really only habits and once you become aware of them you can start to replace them with more appropriate behaviours that will serve your purpose. It's not difficult to learn the qualities of a woman who easily inspires commitment in a man. Here are the characteristics of the woman to whom a man will willingly commit:

  • She's not afraid to lose him

  • She doesn't allow herself to need him prematurely

  • She gets to know him before she decides he would be a good partner

  • She lets him pursue her so she can gauge his interest

  • She has a busy, fulfilling life

  • She doesn't drop friends, family and other engagements for him

  • She judges how much to give back to him by how he treats her

  • She is accommodating some of the time but makes him wait at others

  • She doesn't try to convince or fix him - she accepts or rejects him "as is"

  • She is patient and takes it slowly

  • She keeps it fun and light-hearted

  • She lets him know what's important to her

  • She tells him how she feels in a direct, calm, non-critical way

  • She praises and admires him

In other words, overall, she values herself above him and the relationship. She doesn't have to keep telling him this. He knows by her standards, that if he is not meeting her needs, she will not wait around trying to convince him. She will not try to change him by judging or criticising. Instead she praises his positive attributes and keeps the relationship feeling good. And when a man feels good in a relationship, a woman does not need to worry about why he won't commit.

You can put an end to the uncertainty and get him to commit. There is a certain type of woman that a man will willingly commit to. She knows how to captivate him and communicate with him to draw him close and get him to respond in the ways that she wants. You can learn to be the type of woman that men adore and never want to leave. You can also visit my website to learn more about how to get a guy to commit.

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